You Dream It - We Create It
Yeah - We Get Personal.

Here's how it works. Create your own tea. Select 1-2 of our flavors per tea blend and add an herb if you want, from our mind-blowing list. Then name your own private blend or use one of ours. (Amy's Bridal Blend, PMS Blend, Please Marry My Ex, Pass My Fat Pants...) Label printing is free.
Now available in sage green rice paper eco -friendly bags!
Wholesale pricing available. Create your own tea line for sales or fundraising.

2013 Spring Teas Are Here!

Design your very own spring tea for porch pleasure! Add a dash of rum and be the life of the party. Nobody will even notice you're wearing flippers.

Sunshine - Mango Coconut 
Garden- Passion Fruit
Porch Swing - Blueberry Mint 
Spring in My Step- Peach Strawberry 
Yacht Club - Apricot Peach